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How are your social skills? We don't mean face to face social skills. Social media is the new face to face, with more and more users turning to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn before making a purchasing decision. Some social networks (We're looking at you, Facebook) even let you set up store fronts within their site to sell your products from, while taking a small cut. So that's where we come in. Astonishingly, there are still tremendous amount of companies out there not making full use of their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles through effective social media management.

Social media is a very effective way of marketing to and connecting with your audeince. There are a range of benefits from utilising a successful social media campaign. Some of these include but aren't limited to:

  • Allow an extra channel of communication between company and customer
  • Increase your company exposure through targeted channels
  • Increase sales through highly targeted campaigns
  • Grow your customer base with new and interesting markets.
  • Raise your online conversion rate through intelligent advertising - people that are already talking about your brand, product or service.

So go on, why would I want to go with you guys?

We offer the complete package, bespoke to your own requirements. You might have an apprentice that needs a bit of guidance on the best practises, tips and tricks. Or you might need the full service package to take control of and market your social media profiles professionally. We offer a service for everything you could need when it comes to social. Our socially savvy superstars live and breathe on social networks and have spent more accumulated time in Facebook's Farmville, than any actual farm!

Our team have run thousands of small and large scale campaigns to meet a great deal of varying KPIs or goals. Some clients want their page to have mountains of likes, others just want to claim a hashtag of their own and some have used our services to establish well connected social media groups and communities. The [virtual] world is your oyster with a customised campaign from us. We offer social media management as a consultative service or a more hands on direct approach;- implementing outstanding campaigns across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or any viable social network really.

Get in touch today and we'll take your social media management to the next level!

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